Hi ya,

Every day I am inspired to create, from when I wake up to when I lay down again, I will always have a thought going around in my head relating to something I am working on or an idea that I have had and want to execute.

My teachers are those I have interacted with in a educational environment, (Heather Nye, Bill Hay, Jon Hatfield) and also those that I have admired from afar (Tate Adams, Brett Whitely, Recbecca Cool, Judy Watson, Charles Blackman and a favourite artist who I was privileged to meet, Mirka Mora.)

I don’t maintain an Arts Practice in one exclusive medium, I find that I will use a medium that suits the execution of the idea the best, and I pursue knowledge in materials that I feel will express my ideas fully.  I like gaining skills in different areas of design and construction, so there can be the opportunity to build an image into a 3D realisation if creating a drawing, print or painting doesn’t suit.

Creating is a passion and a pain.  Art is a profession and a life pursuit, one that I will never leave, because for as long as I can remember I have been creating. I like stories, and motifs, there’s also political protest and message making.  By learning about Printmaking, I have engaged with one of the oldest forms of reproduction media.  The printing press was engaged in the beginning one revolution era, and artists are using it in the continuation of this current era of mass political discourse.

Construction and Production of artworks occurs in my studio, tucked away on the family farm in Moorooduc. There the farm animals and wildlife provide entertainment and no inspiration.

Pieces of Paper: Advanced Certificate of Art and Design (Major Photography / Minor Graphic Design)

                             : Diploma of Visual Art (Major Printmaking / Minor Sculpture)