Altered Postcard Exchange

What is the altered postcard art exchange?

An obvious interpretation of the phrase ‘altered postcard’ would be that it involves altering or combining existing images to produce a new postcard. In the instance of the Altered Postcard Art Exchange, ‘altered’ meant the “alteration or transformation of, the original postcard, so that it becomes a new artwork with some evidence of the original image to be visible.”

The 5 participants of this exchange took to the brief with gusto, as well as dealing with the usual Creative blocks and uncertainty that goes hand in hand with the creative process.

This exchange involved the collection of postcards from various sources, distribution to the artists, collection and then redistribution of the altered postcards back to the artists. The over arching outcome of this project was to share the journey of creativity and then share the artwork created with each other artist in the group.

Here we share the outcomes of this creative project.


The idea was to have vines (although Henry called it seaweed!) coming out of the ‘box of wonder’, and them moving up through a natural world, into a waterfall (with a face), around a cocoon (with an upside down woman), and finally dying out in the city. – Sean.


My process involved scanning the postcards and importing the images into Adobe Fresco where I was then able to play around with some ideas. I knew from the start that collage would play some part in the process. – Christine


This was difficult to know where to start. The suggestion to use the fresco app was a great springboard as it gave me the opportunity to experiment with colours and layers. I let my thoughts settle and then gave myself a deadline. – Felicity


…inspired by movies old and new, I wonder if you can guess the film – Mel


I based my Altered Postcards on some themes that were present in my work Power, Privilege, Culture and Feelings. I chose subtle changes as I attempted to alter the message of the image, based on my initial interpretation of the work. – Jade.