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So you want to start drawing…….. How do you go about it? 

This cartoon by Sarah Andersen really sums up my approach to Drawing.  I practice as often as I can, and I have done this continually over a few decades. But just because I have been drawing for a long time doesn’t mean I am in any way excellent at it. I continue to practice drawing so that I keep my drawing “muscles” fit and healthy. Also for those people who think “I wish I could draw…..” Well you can. You just need to make a start. Here are a few tips to help you get drawing. 

  1. Gather your supplies.  These don’t need to be expensive or expansive.  Start where you are, use what you have. Scrap paper, the back of an envelope or a discarded school exercise book are all valid paper options for drawing. Do keep them in one location. A box or a book is good. Sketch books are reasonably affordable, even one from the $2 shop is okay.
  2. Pencils, pens, charcoal. Whatever you have at hand and can make marks on the paper with are acceptable. I’ll stress here that the purpose is to start making marks, not worry about what you do or don’t have.
  3. Draw the same thing over and over again. I’ll repeat that. Draw the same thing over and over again. Why? Because it takes time to train your eye to see things and then translate them onto a 2 dimensional surface. It’s about the eye to hand coordination.
  4. Find a book or a class (cue shameless promo – I run Not Life Drawing sessions a few times each month at different locations Creative Makes in Hastings and in.cube8r Gallery in Prahran, and have a 6 week Drawing workshop coming up early 2020) Look for new ideas and drawing tips. Everyone has different approaches, one will resonate with you as you build confidence in your drawing.

 5. Take your supplies with you. To be an explorer of the world we need to be prepared, so have a small pocket book and a drawing implement on you at all times. I keep a fabric case in my handbag with a drawing book, pens and pencils in it.

Also go check out Sarah Anderson, her illustrations rock!