Postcards Exhibition Incube8er Gallery and Emporium (1/11/-14/11/2018)

ARTIST STATEMENT In describing a ‘Place that I would rather be’ I chose to consider the theme from a conceptual viewpoint rather than a literal viewpoint.  My most recent prints have been focused on the social issues that move me, and this project has become a way to further explore my own viewpoint. The ‘front side’ of the postcards are collages, fixed onto prints that I had created years ago and not thrown away.  Recycling and re-imagining past artwork is important to me as resources are precious and sourced with limited funds.  Prints that aren’t successful aren’t thrown out, they just wait in the flat drawers until I find their next project. The ‘reverse side’ of the Postcards I have added commentary regarding the Place I’d rather be, as well as a message I have written to “Dear Citizen…”  The two sides of the Postcard require the viewer to interact with the collection in a completely different way to how 2D art is usually viewed.  I am also giving the viewer an explanation of the motivation behind the artwork and asking them to consider what they think.
You are Super, Girl. Experimental Etching and Collage. I ’d rather be in a Place of brave Females…. Dear Citizen, I really connected with this image that portrays a strong looking, forward leaning Female. She looks so determined.  I gave her brief case a bronzed glow. It holds the same power that she has invested in herself. There is so much for her to look forward to, interesting places to go, interesting people to meet, amazing life experiences to engage with. From the sidelines I want to applaud her. Yell encouragement, tell her “You Go Girl”.  And then I would clap and laugh with delight as she achieved all the things set out to do. I really do think there are so many brave females amongst us. Do you know any? I do. Sincerely, Jade xx
Watching For Isabella. Collage on experimental etching. I’d rather be in a Place where Females were not treated as disposable sex objects…. Dear Citizen, You know these images are from at least 4 decades ago, a text book, a men’s magazine and a story book for girls. Do you think much has changed? I don’t really have much more to say, because I am confronted by the prospect that not much has changed and I don’t know what to do about it. What do you think? Sincerely, Jade xx
I Love you Andy.  Monoprint and Collage. I’d rather be in a place of continuing creativity… Dear Citizen, I really like Andy Warhol.  I think his art is incredible.  I admire how he created a ‘factory’ to process his artworks.  The line between creator and mass marketer is blurred. But I think I like Andy Warhol’s art because I like screen printing and photography.  I like the processes and possibilities.  Photography was my first creative love, Printmaking my second. There’s also a macabre aspect to his creations.  Glamorous women, their faces enlarge to grotesque sizes, painted with gaudy colours.  I look at them and laugh.  They (well at least some) wanted Warhol to immortalize them. Others he immortalized, creating artwork as large as the persona. I am curious to know what people in another 100 years will think.  Will they hang reproductions of this Pop Art on their walls, will they want soup can art? What do you think?                 Sincerely, Jade, xx
Take What You Need.  Gocco print and stamp print on paper, and backing card; Etching and relief print. I’d rather be in a place where every person had what they needed……. Dear Citizen, I’m writing to you from my little safe space, my home, my castle, my refuge.  I am so very lucky, because a stroke of fate has delivered me into a place of comfort and privilege.  My life has been comfortable, my mind educated, my genes providing me with the skin colour of privilege.  And yet I am disturbed. So many are without safety and security. The young and old want for food and refuge, people with full time jobs still have to live in their cars. Politicians malign the unemployed, tell young people to get a better job so they can afford to buy a house, and all the while they have their snouts firmly embedded in the trough. I can educate my mind about all of this, and yet what do I do?  Do I contribute to the disadvantage? Do I partake in the oppression? I think that by being inactive I side with the oppressor, the political thug and the wealth thief. What do you think?                 Sincerely, Jade, xx
Deeds Not Words.  Monoprint, screen printed stickers. I’d rather be in a place where we were proactive…. Dear Citizen, “Deeds not Words” the First Wave Feminists used this slogan.  It was to inspire actions such as stone throwing, arson, window breaking and governmental participation / persuasion in the bid for Female Suffrage. Our actions speak louder than words.  A hashtag or a Facebook post / share / like is not action. The action I take is creating art to speak out, illustrate the social issues I care about and project them out into the world. Is this enough? I donate money to causes that are local to me, as well as causes that fight for people in a way that I am not resourced to do. Is it enough? What do you think?                 Sincerely, Jade, xx
Girls Eat Cake. Collage on experimental etching. I’d rather be in a Place where we joyously ate cake…. Dear Citizen, There’s a saying, it goes like this: Eat the Cake Buy the Shoes Drink the Wine. My interpretation of this is – do what feels good today, because you don’t know what tomorrow is going to bring. Now I’m not for one minute suggesting that you act all irresponsible and blow your budget, overindulge and become an alcoholic.  What I’m saying, if you’ll allow me an indulgence of age, is within reason and without harming yourself, enjoy each day, enjoy being in your life.  And cake tastes good. What do you think?    Sincerely, Jade xx
Solar Grid. Collage on experimental etching. I’d rather be in a Place where we understood the full impact of a 2 degree rise in world temperature…. Dear Citizen, What will it take for Australia to get on board with solar energy? The sun fucking shines so much here, we are cray cray if we don’t take advantage of it. You know there are so many bright minds being educated here, I am quite certain that there is a solution to the “problem” of divesting from coal.  Just look to our universities for economists, engineers and designers to bring a new vision to the table. Heck, go to the Primary schools even.  You know, people of any age have great ideas, but I find that younger people have ideas uninhibited by life experience.  They aren’t burdened by the if’s and but’s that older people seem to have, and their ideas are so wild and exciting.  And young citizens understand that the world has been fucked over by the greedy and irresponsible, and they will be here long after these people have gone…….. What do you think?    Sincerely Jade xx
Peachy Domesticity. Collage on experimental etching. I’d rather be in a Place where everyone contributed to the housework…. Dear Citizen, How much housework do you do? Statistics from the 2016 Census showed that women still do significantly more housework than men.  Why?  Do men not make as much mess as women? Is there some sort of social construct at play here? Or, dare I say, is housework a Woman’s job? I have often wondered if Parents have an important role here. Teach your children how to clean up after themselves.  By the time they are teens they can wash, cook and clean for themselves. Do this and you do the world and their future partners a favour. Also, Newsflash: there are no gendered roles when it comes to keeping house. Sincerely, Jade xx
Safe Birthing Opportunities. Relief print, monoprint, collage. I’d rather be in a place where woman could birth in safety, be looked after and nurture their newborn. Dear Citizen, The birth to death rate is 2.4 : 1  According to Birthing Mortality rates have fallen by 44% since 1990.  Yet millions of infants and 100’s of 1000’s of Mothers die during or within days of birth. Your proximity to wealth determines your success of surviving.  Your position on the Wheel of Fate determines a lot of things. Have you ever pondered the miracle of Birth, and how success or failure rests on your World View? What cost safety? In Australia we are so fortunate that in cities and regional centers we have easy access to hospitals where we can make use of the public system for very little cost (I paid less than $50 for each of my birthing events and my children needed expert care. Two births, 2 children surviving past age 5 and I’m still alive. How lucky am I????) Every person deserves a safe birthing opportunity. What do you think?                 Sincerely, Jade, xx
Cell Division.  Collage and bronze leaf on etching. I’d rather be in a Place where People had clear unhindered access to reproductive assistance…. Dear Citizen, I just want Women (because you have to have a womb for a clump of cells to grow into a new person) to have access to safe and non-judgemental reproductive services. I want religious zealots, morally dubious politicians and regular Jo / Joanne Blows on the street to stay out of Women’s way when it comes to Reproductive Rights. I want People to stop advocating Forced Pregnancy and I want People to stop slut shaming Women who find themselves unintentionally pregnant. I want Women to enjoy sex and find freedom and beauty in it. I want Men to be responsible for contraception so that they can enjoy beautiful sex. Do I ask too much? What do you think?    Sincerely Jade xx
Autonomy.  Etching, relief print, collage. I’d rather be in a place where my decisions about my body were not restricted by laws. Dear Citizen, I just want to say one simple thing, My body, My rules. Stay the fuck out of my Life. What do you think? Sincerely, Jade, xx
Alan you leave a Bitter Taste in my mouth. Collage elements on monoprint. I’d rather be in a place where Politicians had a spine…. Dear Citizen, Were you as outraged as I was when Alan Jones berated the CEO of Sydney Opera House, Louise Herron? How fucking polluted is the political scene when a radio DJ can move Democratically Elected Members of Parliament to over rule the decision of a board charged with protecting the heritage status of a culturally significant landmark? For a horse race no less?? This year 2018 is one that will go down in history, well maybe not in any book, but still, in the collective minds of the population, as one of the worst for arse-hattery by politicians. I feel this was a watershed moment for the citizens of NSW, and most probably Australia. Just look at Wentworth……. With two elections coming up in our near future, we are well placed to continue the rocking of the boat.  Make your voice heard with a well thought out vote, and let the Pollies know they are on notice. Sincerely, Jade xx