Support by Patrons offers me the opportunity to focus on being as creative as possible, increasing the time I can commit to pursuing to completion any number of artworks.  In return, I offer back to Patrons content that won’t be released to the general public until after Patrons have had a special viewing time period, along with specific items as per the category description.  Patrons of the past were often times painted into the composition by painters, and placed alongside the narrative of the story being told. While that may not be the reality today, Patrons support is evidenced in the quality of the creative output of individual artists and groups.

Patrons: Hold you up, Support the Process, Actively Believe in You, Champion Action, Value Creativity, Honour the Artist.

Thank you for reaching out and supporting Art. You totally rock!  You’ll get access to patron-only areas of my website and my Patreon page, as well as first view of new additions to the Store and Gallery 4 weeks before the general viewer will be granted access.