4. Platinum Patron Membership (Annual Payment)

$300.00 / year

You are the Isabella d’Este of Patrons. You are rocking my world!

You will receive Gallery entry, Guest Passes to all Virtual Exhibitions held and 25% discount on any purchases from the website or at any ‘real world’ event that I host.  You will receive a medium sized print* at the 6 month point of  your patronage and another piece of artwork (either 2D or 3D)* on your sign-up anniversary.

Isabella d”Este

One of the most important Patron of the Arts in what is now contemporary Italy, she was rocking the place 19 May 1474 – 13 February 1539.  Isabella was a Patron to Visual Artists, Humanities Theorists, Music Composers, Perfume Creators and Fashion Designers. Amongst other things she served as the regent of Mantua during the absence of her husband, Francesco II Gonzaga, Marquess of Mantua and the minority of her son, Federico, Duke of Mantua. Today she would be a kickass leader of innovation (as she was in her own time) helping those with the ideas and ambition to achieve in their area of passion.


*Items will be picked by Jade from current inventory of stock, and are dependent on what is available at the time of your patronage anniversary.




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